Aruma Talks

Instrumental conversations designed to create change and foster connection.

Each talk is led by experienced speakers on topics that place focus on our mental and emotional wellness. Aruma Talks explore significant topics such as:

  • Building Boundaries (Personal + Professional)
  • Discovering your Limitless Potential
  • Understanding Trauma
  • and more!

Each Aruma Talk is as unique as it’s speaker.

There will be thought provoking information, productive discussions, and space for self-reflection. Our goal is to provide Talks that expand your consciousness; awakening you to what is going on inside you, inside others, and the world around you. Participating in an Aruma Talk will leave you with fresh perspectives, increased compassion, and unexpected connections.


Aruma Talks are offered in-person at our Perth, ON location, as well as virtually.

You can also schedule an Aruma Talk to come to your business or location of your choice.

Please connect with us below.

Upcoming Talks

Authentic Branding

Hosted By:

Bobbi McDougall

Mindfulness & Business Coach


May 4, 2024


10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


In-Person at Aruma


$275 + tax



“Authentic branding is embodied once you are fully able to honour who you really are at your core, while naturally embracing how you are here to serve in this World.” ~Bobbi

She wants to take you deeper than surface level, when it comes to your personal brand; for you to truly know the WHO behind it all. And that WHO is of course, you!

During your time together Bobbi goes in on so many unspeakables about personal/professional growth. She will challenge you as well as guide you, while you learn how to ride the waves of your unique emotion ocean of entrepreneurship.

Every word that meets Bobbi’s lips, is simply an offering. Never advice, shoulds, or musts. Simply, an invitation to know yourself and your endeavours on a more intimate level.

ADHD In Women

Hosted By:

Veronica Felizardo

MSW, RSW, Psychotherapist


May 22, 2024


6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Aruma, 1865 Rogers Rd Unit E, Perth, ON



**A receipt will be provided for possible insurance reimbursement. Check your individual provider for coverage details.



Many women with ADHD struggle with confidence and empowerment due to their invisible (and/or hidden) struggles, social messages about roles, expectations and success(es).

This ADHD women’s group provides helpful content, exploration and group support to empower participants to:

  • learn more about their ADHD brain
  • let go of shame for executive function challenges
  • set ADHD-friendly life goals
  • earn skills to expand possibilities for becoming and expressing their authentic selves
  • develop a personalized self-actualization plan and actionable next steps

*take home workbook of skills to practice right away!

This group is for any woman who is interested in learning more about their ADHD (diagnosed or not!), executive functioning, and becoming their authentic selves. This will be an explorative evening for women seeking to deepen their understanding of their experience of ADHD, would like to share or learn from other’s experiences, and/or would like to feel a sense of community with other women who are sharing in this unique journey.