Gary Glover

RSW; MSW; Psychotherapist

After a lifetime of community involvement, parenting and farming and supporting his farming habit with a wide variety of jobs, Gary became concerned with what he saw happening in his community, particularly as he spoke with the kids on his school bus run. The sharp pointy end of that concern was seeing way too many suicides in our community, particularly among young men.

Gary began a support group for Dads, that was recognized nationally as innovative and necessary.  This led to work as a facilitator for the mandated program for domestic violence offenders. These programs raised huge questions for Gary about the roots of our issues and led him to get “papered up” at university to try and figure out some answers.  Gary became educated on the latest science concerning brain function and Counselling/Psychotherapy, with his thesis research focusing on recovery from trauma and effective supports for rural people facing change.

Gary has been putting that learning to use as a counsellor/psychotherapist for a number of years now and was instrumental in developing some effective new approaches to providing mental health and addictions services, including “Open Access” Counselling (no wait list counselling), rural outreach to numerous offices and community spaces, and active participation in the development of the “Situation Table” for fast intervention in imminent risk situations.

He is most passionate about supporting families in general, and fathers in particular in order to provide our children with safe and loving homes and our community with positive and engaged citizens. A key part of that is a love and celebration of the strengths of our “north of 7” cultures.



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