Haley Bowes

Managing Partner; RSW; Family Mediation; RYT; ORCKA SUP Instructor L1

Haley serves the Aruma team as a Counsellor, Family Mediator, and Yoga Instructor.

Her counselling practice allows her to support and empower others throughout their journey, placing an emphasis on uncovering the "root" of the behaviors, challenges, and negative patterns.  It is her belief that we are all ultimately seeking validation, therefore her work with children, teens, adults, and couples focuses on reaching a place where they can accept their feelings without judgment, learning self-acceptance, and ultimately self-love.

Her belief in the Family Mediation process, comes from her own personal experience with divorce, children, and navigating a blended family situation.  Haley understands the challenges associated with this, and knows that with the right guidance and support, families do not need to live in constant conflict.

In 2015, Haley became a Registered Yoga Instructor.  As a Social Worker, she began to notice how we all carry trauma not just in our brains, but within our bodies.  It seemed that traditional "talk therapy" was no longer enough.  In order to fully heal from an event(s) we must also release it from our physical self.  She uses yoga to teach people to stay connected to themselves, and release lingering emotions that no longer serve them.

As one of the creators and managing partners of Aruma, you can also find Haley embarking on existing and new projects within the comforts of this all around feel-good space.  She is the Festival Co-ordinator of the annual Roots on the Clyde Music Festival, which takes place on the Aruma grounds the third weekend in August.  In addition to this, you will find her creating self-care workshops, and events that emphasize community connection and family grounding.

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