Tracy Birrell

Graduating with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology in 1994 and subsequently a Yoga Teacher Diploma, Tracy has spent her career working with people of all different ages and injury histories. Her compassionate nature guides her exercise rehabilitation. Assisting people to heal and to improve or maintain their mobility has been her challenge and her passion.

Tracy was always active in yoga. When she was faced with chronic pain and a major change in lifestyle, she was drawn to using Yoga as a healing modality. Now Tracy combines the science of Kinesiology and her Yoga Teacher Training and applies this in her work to help others to heal and to improve their lives.

Tracy feels that traditional Yoga can benefit non-traditional people, those that may need specific modifications to a traditional yoga practice. She has been fortunate to lead exercises for an inspiring group of high-risk seniors. Tracy is now offering Chair Yoga training to this group. It is her belief that Yoga should be available to everyone, and that all can benefit.

Tracy has taken additional courses and training in Teaching Yoga to Seniors as well as Chair Yoga. She is a Heart Wise Certified Instructor and has just completed Level 1 Ursui Reiki. She is always excited to learn more about the human body and how it works. In her experience she has come to view it as our greatest teacher.

Tracy spends her free time with her husband, three children and dog, living on a lake and feeling connected to nature (when not running off to yet another Yoga class!).

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