Strong Teen Mentorship With a Raw, Heartfelt Approach.

Girlvana is a program that provides teen girls (ages 13-18) with the tools to better navigate life through yoga, meditation, and female mentorship. It is brand new to Eastern Canada and Aruma's, Bobbi McDougall, is one of eleven women in Ontario certified to provide this essential service to teen girls. Girlvana instructors encourage real conversation and are always open to sharing their own personal stories and experiences on why they practice yoga. Instructors are fully insured, have up to date first aid training, hold a minimum of a 200 hour yoga teacher certification, and have been specifically trained to work with the teen population.

During a Girlvana class the majority of time is spent instructing young women through a yoga practice. We teach an uplifting, flow-based practice that provides a physical challenge, but still emphasizes slowing down, relaxing and letting go. Our classes are specifically designed for teen groups, and therefore are light hearted, set to music, engaging, and questions are always encouraged. By teaching poses that are accessible and can be done anywhere, our hope is that the next time a girl feels stressed or anxious they can recall a pose they did during yoga and use it as a way to reground and focus. We believe that yoga has the power to create a shift in how girls relate not only to themselves but to others.

BUT Girlvana is not just about yoga; interactive games, journaling, check in questions and guided meditation are used at the beginning and end of each class as a way to facilitate open, honest, real dialogue that is centered around issues teen girls face today. Body image, confidence, self-care, inner dialogue, and healthy relationships are just a few of the conversations that have been sparked from a Girlvana led class. Girlvana provides a safe space for girls to share, and ultimately feel validated. We believe that through sharing we can empower each other, cultivate connection to other females, and find peace in knowing that we are not alone.


60 minute single session: $75.00
*ideal for: gym classes, organized groups, etc

6-week series: $415.00 (60 minute single session per week)
*ideal for: school lunch hours, after school programs, youth centres, etc

Stay tuned for upcoming Girlvana offerings!

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