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Healing is Messy

It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

Let’s Get Messy, is a mash-up of teachings, lessons, guidance, writings, stories, experiences, and
community. It’s the cool club where you get in, just because you are uniquely YOU!

M ⤳ mindfulness
E ⤳ embodiment
S ⤳ somatics
S ⤳ spirituality
Y ⤳ yoga

The MESSY acronym is the foundation from where we lead.

Inside the LGM community, the aim is to provide resources that have the potential to recalibrate your
human experience.

LGM is committed to offering a supportive, non-judgmental space for your expansion and vulnerability.
In doing so, we honour where you are at, and support the complex layers that made you who you are

Our motto:
Take what you need and leave the rest.Let’s Get Messy 💚

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LGM members meet in-person on the first Sunday of each month in Perth, ON, to experience real connection and real conversations. Our monthly gathering is an opportunity to share, learn, discuss, and evolve as individuals.







Bobbi McDougall

Your LGM Guide

Certified Coach and Somatic Trauma Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master.

As a Certified Coach, Bobbi holds her clients responsible for their own levels of healing and success, by creating a co-regulated, self-paced, supportive container for personal discovery.

Bobbi feels the most in alignment when holding space for women to witness themselves and leading individuals through the process of removing blocks preventing them from reaching their full personal and professional potential.

Let’s Get Messy is a platform where Bobbi shares her knowledge with other women, so that they too can navigate and stand tall inside their limitless purpose.


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let's get


real conversations. real connection.
real community.

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