Our Story

Aruma [ɑːruːmɑ] = (adjective) happy, as in feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Originating from Australian Indigenous language.

We created Aruma in 2017 with good health and happiness in mind. Our intention was to provide a space that offered individuals the opportunity to not only heal, but to laugh and to be joyful throughout this wild journey we call life. Our passion for friends, family, and the good life led us to work collaboratively to create a place where everyone can connect to their joy, to their health, to themselves, and to others.

“When you are good to you, you can be good to everyone else.”

We recognize that every individual reaches health and happiness in their own unique way, which is why we offer an expansive range of services. Aruma places an emphasis on a healthy mind, body, and spirit, through our holistic services, workshops, full yoga schedule, Roots on the Clyde Music Festival and our Artisan & Farmers’ Market.

“The perfect place to begin or continue on your journey towards greater health and self-discovery.”

Aruma is best described as an experience, and we invite you to come find out what this true connection feels like.


Haley, Bobbi, Lindsay, & Shannon 

Co-owners of Aruma

Aruma is Home Of

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