Harry Adrain

Born in 1942, the third of fourteen children in Westport Ontario, Harry’s love for country music began at an early age. As a very young child, he could recognize a song from the first few notes he heard on the radio. A neighbour purchased Harry’s first guitar in exchange for Harry working on their farm.

Harry joined his first band when Kenny Jackson approached him to play rhythm guitar and sign for the Valley Cruisers in 1959. He is tremendously humbled and honoured to have shared the stage with many of the finest musicians and entertainers in the Ottawa Valley, including Gary “Spike” Spicer with whom Harry shared a special bond. Ron McMunn, Steve Piticco, Ray Adams, Don O’Neill, Neville Wells, Fred Ducharme, and Louis Lacelle were also counted amongst Harry's steadfast friends.

Harry's love of traditional country music is still going strong, and he continues to entertain every weekend in full capacity halls for jamborees, dances and fundraisers.

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