Jim Simpson

Raised on a small family farm in Dwyer Hill area where Sundays were sacred and full of music. The Simpson farm was the place to be on Sundays where friends and family would come by after church bring their musical talent and join in on a kitchen party. As a result of this the band Sage was formed with Tim Purdy, Shawn Brown, Jeff Harrison and Jim Simpson and they played countless events in the Ottawa Valley for nearly 10 years. Life happened and children were born and we started families of our own and most of the group played for family and friends.

Around 2008 Jim moved back to Ottawa from Kingston and decided he wanted to relive those good ole band days and formed a group with Shawn Brown and Jeff Harrison once more and has not stopped since.  Playing festivals in and around the valley as well as singing at the Ottawa Valley Hall of Fame has given Jim the opportunity to meet and befriend some of the best talent we have. When Jim is not heading his own band (Good Company) he can be found playing bass for one of the Valleys well known entertainers and friend Jamie McMunn.  Although the names of the members of the band have changed and we have lost a few of the good ones to higher powers Jim has never been so busy nor enjoyed his music and extended family as much has he does now.


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