Vicki Brittle

Since the age of 3, I found my vocal chords and began to sing my heart out on a daily basis. At the age of 9 I began taking Royal Conservatory Lessons, until the age of 11. In the midst of this time is when I also began to write my own music and explore my own abilities with writing/composing music. With realizing being artistic and freely creative was much more desirable than the Conservatory style, I removed myself from Royal Conservatory Lessons and Examinations and took a year off before entering Main St. School of Music to assist and better my self taught vocals and guitar/piano. Around the age of 15 is when I realized I was writing music more than I knew what to do with and set the goal of sharing my music with the world in hopes they had the same relations, and it helped them express their feelings in a way a sentence simply cannot.

At the age of 16 is when I began to reflect my daily happenings on my music, and found my writing to get a lot more personal. At this point I began to share my music with people. I began to sing on Canada Days and continued to sing the National Anthem for the Jr.B Packers which I had done since age 14. I began to share my sound with family gatherings and friends that accompanied my parents on the weekend in the backyard.

At the age of 18 is when I really decided to begin pushing. I realized music was my calling and what I am meant to do. Since then I have continuously been writing professionally on a daily basis, gigging and continuing to better myself as a musician. The only thing I wish to constantly provide myself with from music is happiness, and I continue to do that on a daily basis by simply writing a song or never forgetting to play other artists music. I feel so privileged for the life I lead today, and only hope to share my sound with the world, to create a simple togetherness of feelings and understanding.

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