Friday, August 16th


7:00-8:00pm: Henry Norwood

8:30-11:00pm: The Riley New Band

Saturday, August 17th


11:00-11:55am: Dan Paul Rogers

12:00-12:55pm: Barry & Jude

1:00-1:55pm: Unwound

2:15-3:10pm: Harry Adrain

 3:15-4:10pm: Cheryl Adrain

4:20-5:10pm: Landon Bedor

5:20-6:10pm: Cashmen Ford

6:30-8:00pm: Vicki Brittle

8:30-11:00pm: doubleBack

Sunday, August 18th


11:00-11:50am: Becky Elliott

11:55am-12:50pm: Mike Pollard

12:55-1:50pm: Jim Simpson

2:10pm-3:05pm: Jamie McMunn

3:10-3:50pm: Unwound

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