A holistic approach to counselling appreciates the fact that physical symptoms, emotional difficulties, or mental health challenges may be the result of larger issues.

Have you ever noticed that when you experience stress, it can take a physical toll on your body by giving you symptoms like a headache, achy muscles, or an upset stomach? This is a simple example of how the mind, emotions, body, and spirit are all interconnected.

The road to happiness and wellness can be challenging for individuals who may have experienced traumatic events, self-esteem issues, health problems, or other negative life experiences. In many instances, when a client seeks the help of a counsellor, they are struggling with the lasting effects and consequences of a deeply-seated issue.

By using a holistic approach to therapy, our counsellor assists you in identifying the root issue that may be affecting your physical health or creating emotional and spiritual problems. Then, you may work together to overcome the issue by using various approaches that could include traditional talk therapy methods, meditation, yoga, nutrition counselling, spiritual wellness techniques, and more.

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**Many health insurance plans cover services provided by a Registered Social Worker.**

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