Psychotherapy addresses personal difficulties, allowing an individual, family, or couple, to talk openly and confidentially about their concerns and feelings with a trained professional.

Psychotherapists work from the premise that mental and emotional health issues and crises are opportunities for growth and change. This involves developing a therapeutic relationship, communicating and creating a dialogue, and working to overcome problematic thoughts, feelings or behaviours. This method differs from the traditional medical model that approaches these issues and crises as illnesses that need to be treated, and can help you:

  • Cope with stress, and overcome fears or insecurities
  • Improve relationships with family and friends
  • Define and reach wellness goals
  • Establish a stable, dependable routine
  • Make sense of past traumatic experiences and develop a plan for coping with crises
  • End destructive habits such as drinking, using drugs, overspending or unhealthy sex

Meet our therapists Gary Glover, Haley Bowes, Kelli Tosh, Lauren Matheson & Veronica Felizardo

**Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking your session regarding coverage.**

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