Bobbi McDougall

Mindfulness & Business Coach

Bobbi helps her clients discover and receive the bounties of what sustainable entrepreneurship can offer.

Whether you work for yourself or for a larger company, having the ability to navigate clear personal boundaries and own your unique zone(s) of genius, has the potential to have you leading a much more holistic lifestyle; inside and outside of your business or company.

Bobbi’s coaching style is direct, open, inquisitive, and expansive. Her approach is a mash-up of methodologies, including mindfulness, embodiment, nervous system regulation and somatics. She understands the complexities of the body as a whole, and because of this, she is able to artfully guide her clients through the unpacking of their systems; shifting old patterning, traumas, conditions, mindsets and stories along the way.

As a Certified Coach, Bobbi holds her clients responsible for their own levels of healing and success, by creating a co-regulated, self-paced, supportive container for personal discovery.

Bobbi feels the most in alignment when working 1:1 with her clients. She truly believes that she is here to witness people’s human-ness, helping individuals navigate and stand tall inside their limitless purpose.

Some other things she is super proud of:

  • Certified in Somatic Trauma Therapy
  • 1000HR E-RYT Yoga Instructor
  • Reiki Master
  • Mom to 4-legged babies
  • Wife

Fun Personal Facts:

  • Rising Sun Sign: Scorpio
  • Rising Moon Sign: Aquarius
  • HD Design Authority: Sacral Generator
  • Favourite Food: Candy
  • Favourite Music: Rap/hip-hop, R&B
  • Lucky number: 8