Workplace Yoga

Our workplace yoga program provides yoga classes in the workplace to reduce stress, increase energy, and improve workplace morale. By improving the overall well-being of your employees you can expect an increase in worker satisfaction and engagement. Studies repeatedly show that healthier and happier employees tend to feel better about their jobs and are more productive. Our yoga classes are designed to fit the needs of the individuals in each group, and are suitable for almost anyone, even absolute beginners. Aruma's workplace yoga instructors are Certified Yoga Instructors, carry liability insurance, and are trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR.

Benefits of Workplace Yoga:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue
  • Improved memory, focus and concentration
  • Stronger muscles, increased flexibility, and improved posture
  • Improved overall health
  • Increased employee productivity and job satisfaction
  • Reduced employee absenteeism and turnover


  • Single class - $110/class
  • 3 month commitment (1 class per week) - $95/class
  • 3 month commitment (2 classes per week) - $85/class
  • 6 month commitment (1 class per week) - $90/class
  • 6 month commitment (2 classes per week) - $80/class

Tax included in price


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